"Hosting" means putting your website on a server connected to the Internet which 'serves up' your pages when people visit your website.

We only supply hosting services to our own clients!

This is for security and servicing reasons. Because we are responsible for the quality of the coding of our customers websites, we can be sure there is nothing in there that will affect the level of service that you expect of us.


Our sites are hosted on a server with a 40 GBit connection to the Internet, and your data is protected by a three system back up process which gives us a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Site changes and updates.

Keeping your site updated and its content fresh is critical in ensuring visitors return, and helps your search ranking.

If you need to make periodic alterations to your site, we will do this for you as part of your hosting services. Changes to text, images or other content can be done very quickly and simply.

We're not talking re-writes of your site on a daily basis, and significant changes or additions may be chargeable, but for minor additions or changes, we will do these at no extra cost.

News, Blogs, Facebook, Linkedin and RSS feeds.

In fact, anything you want in there!

This can be included in your hosting services to enable you to publish news, views and information about your organisation, your industry, or just about any subject, on a regular basis.

When your visitors subscribe to your news or blog feed (directly from your website) they will be alerted when you have added new content, even without them having to visit your web site directly.

Many mobile devices even have access to this information, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so you can keep in touch with your visitors while they're on the move!