A professional email address is critical to enhancing the perception others will have about your organisation when they meet you, read your business card or find your web site.

Nowadays, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Virgin or BT email accounts just won't cut it if you want to really give the right impression.

We supply you with individual, named email accounts for all of your staff. We also provide general email accounts such as '' if you have an enquiries form page on your web site, or '' for general sales enquiries.

Whatever your email requirements we will provide them in our Design/Development costs and maintain them as part of our hosting services.

Email Clients.

Our systems allow you to use your familiar email clients right on your own PC, Mac or Notebook.

Whether you use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, OS X Mail or Thunderbird, or any of the other email clients available for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, you can be assured that you can send and receive your email in a familiar environment from your own computer, from anywhere you can get connected.

Don't think you're limited to desktop and notebook computers though!

Many of our customers are sending and receiving email from their Blackberry, HTC and Apple devices using our servers too.


What if you can't get a connection on your own computer or mobile device?

Simple ... we provide you with WebMail access to your very same mailbox to allow you to send and receive emails through any web browser, from anywhere you can get in front of one.

And guess what? It still looks like you are sending from your own domain as if you were at home or in the office ... no one will know you're on holiday.

Email Security.

Email security is critical, particularly in business.

Each individual email account we provide for you has its own password authenticated access. Even between individuals in the same organisation, no one can access (or send) emails from any account unless they know the password.

We provide extremely secure passwords with each account, but you can change these if you want to.

Access to your webmail account is controlled using these same secure details.

Email servers.

POP and IMAP Incoming servers.

Our incoming mail servers support both POP and IMAP protocols enabling you to manage your email locally on your own computer, or remotely by keeping messages on the server. If you manage your email from different sources or locations then IMAP will keep all your messages in sync on all your devices.

Authenticated SMTP outgoing server.

All Internet Service Providers provide email services, but many of them only allow email to be sent if you are physically connected to their servers. This is to prevent anyone using their email servers for sending spam. Unfortunately this means, you cannot send email from your ISP's email address unless you are connected to your ISP's servers.

Our authenticated SMTP server access will allow you to send email from anywhere.

Your emails will always look like they are coming from your domain.