The development side of the process deals with producing the 'backend' of your site. It is basically the coding and programming of the pages and how they link together.

At Agent57, we build all our websites using Industry standards defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), consisting of XHTML and PHP, which controls the structure and content of your pages, and CSS, which controls the layout, colours and look of the pages.

Why do we do it this way?

Well, quite frankly, it gives us the best opportunity for compatibility of your web site across different browsers and operating systems, and it means your site is less likely to ‘break’ when new browsers are released or familiar ones are upgraded.

During our design and development phases, we will allow unlimited website design revisions in order to provide you with a web site that we both believe reflects the aims and capability of your organisation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and promotion.

As part of a hosting package, we will carry out the submission of your pages to all the major search engines to get you listed and indexed.

This includes the generation and submission of a Google Sitemap to enable Googles Web Bots to find and index your site efficiently.

During the development phase of the project we will provide optimised page titles and descriptions for all your pages, link these to the Meta-tags embedded in the header of your pages and associate all of this with the narrative content your visitors will see.

Associating all of these elements together gives you the best possible chance of getting your site higher up the rankings of the search engine indexing system.


Analytics is feedback on your site visitors.

We can give you access to advanced data on your site visitors and help you generate custom reports on how they browse your site.

It's safe and secure and if you monitor your statistics and find particular words or phrases are getting better or worse results than others, we will work with you, as part of your hosting package, to make the changes necessary to maximise our SEO efforts.


CMS means 'Content Management System'.

Content management systems enable you to update the content of your website directly, without any intervention from your web developer. Although we offer free updates to your site as part of our hosting and management package, if you want or need to do updates yourself, we can include this facility for you.

Bespoke Development Services

  • Bespoke Website Development with static or dynamic content areas.
  • Database Integration enabling access to product catalogues, technical data or any other information you need displayed on your website.
  • Content Management systems to enable users to update and amend content.
  • Web applications to allow user interaction with your website.

Custom development

You can also hire us to work on your own website, or to produce something extra for your site if you don't have your own webmaster.

We can help with:

  • adding or removing content to your site.
  • changing layout or colours etc.
  • adding interactivity with animations etc.
  • adding dynamic content with PHP, Javascript etc.

Call us for a chat or contact us through our 'Enquiries form' on our contact page .

Mobile Friendly

We build all our websites to be mobile device friendly, out of the box!

With Google reporting almost 95% of local searches being performed on Mobile devices, you have to be certain your website is small screen friendly!

Don't take chances ...Contact us for more information.